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Photography provided me the whole hoard of memories that I am taking with me.

M F Mukut

Every people is beautiful

to me

in their way.

Most of the time I have been involved in computer and IT-related activities. Photography is one of them. Though started as a hobby and passion, now it has also become my profession. In 2016, I was awarded International Photography Certificate From Wedding Portrait Photography of Asia. I have been working as a wedding photographer since 2014. But I always love to capture the nature, landscape, street, and lifestyle. Before switching, I have experience of working with some USA, UK and Canadian clients as a freelance graphic designer and web developer


I am not only expert and professional. It my pleasure and hobby. So I think, I can do something better than others. The tasks related with photography like photo editing, color enhancement, background illustration all these are handy to me. I have acquired proficiency in this skill going through advance courses and lessons. I Founded CrownShoot which brings changes in the wedding photography industry in our town Rangpur and creates widespread craze and popularity.

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Graphics Design

As you find here on Graphics Design where I build up my skills learning on Adobe Creative Suite ( Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Premium Pro, Adobe After Effects), now I am handy to use the tools and facilities are there. I have made designs for websites, brochures, flyers, logos and business cards. All are working still with their owners’ pleasure.

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UI and Web Design

I have built up my skills by learning the tools HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript and JQuery. By completing several projects I have already proved that my coding is pixel perfect, w3c validated, error free and organized. As user interface/UI design has a great market demand, I have an extra focus to care the job I do.

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Yes, there you will find difference in my skills and expertise in consideration of responsibilities, but is it impossible? See, everything is possible by making a deal . Hope my art of work will make you happy.





Address : New Engineer Para.
Road#02, Home#49, Rangpur-5400, Bangladesh

Phone : +880 1741701420

Email : me@mukutbd.com